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The radio of the future is here, with new features and a new look. The app and website relaunch was just the beginning of an exciting exploration of the interaction between bots and humans. Watch for more to come!



#capsulefm #user35

In 2013 I became a beta tester for the Capsule.Fm Early Edition – I was user number 35. I was very passionate about having a personal radio bot and was testing the app, even while traveling to the most southerly town on Earth, Ushuaia. I didn’t know at the time that 3 years later I would join the team in shaping the next version of the radio of the future.


Newcoventure is a professional network for managers and business consultants. I designed the App for iPhone and Android.



#tatontour #aroundtheworld

Over 75.000 kms in 6 months – a journey that changed me and my life.


type design


Generative typeface with unlimited variations.